In this Episode Mark looks at the latest news including AvatarLand, Star Wars Tomorrowland, Monstropolis, Iron Man, Disney's split with Jerry Bruckheimer and the new trailer for Frozen

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On this weeks show Mark discusses film budgets and how they are setting up Disney movies to "flop" at the box office. Also a few news items and the winner is announced of the last shows competition

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On this episode Mark is rejoined by Tara as they discuss their opinions on their recent trip to Disneyland. Also, IMDO's first prize competition with a chance to win Disney Infinity Mickey Mouse as given away at the D23 Expo.

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IMDO looks forward to the D23 Expo taking place in just a couple of weeks time. Hear Mark's plans, dissapointment at the Disney Legends Class and comments on the crazy scheduling choices.

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Mark talks about the return of Mickey, the death of SpectroMagic, D23 Expo and Bob Iger. There is feedback from the last show and a feature about Epcot's Imagination Pavilion and how Mark would reimagine it.

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UH OH!! IMDO is BACK!! Join Mark as he gives his opinions on the latest Disney news and discusses the current state of Disney Movie Advertising compared to what others are doing.

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In this show we discuss the relationship between Disney and McDonalds and debate whether Disney franchises should return to Happy Meals.

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In this episode we invite callers to talk about the best era of Disney Animated Movies, either from Snow White until Black Couldren or from Basil until now.

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In this epsiode we are joined by Steve Riley from for debates on the best way to get to Disneyland Paris and which classic attractions should be added to the park.

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In My Disney Opinion - A podcast brought to you by husband and wife team Mark and Tara where it is all about opinion. In this epsiode: News and Rumours and debates on EPCOTs Food & Wine Festival and whether Organised or Impromtu Character Meet are best.

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